Geographical Indications in Maharashtra

Mohammed, Mudassir Ahmed Nisar Ahmed; Kamble, Veena M; Kamble, Veena M


The present paper aims to find the current situation of the registered commodities in the state of Maharashtra, the registered commodities are from three different categories i.e. Agriculture, Arts and Handicrafts and Manufactured products. These commodities mostly belong to agricultural category, among agricultural category fruits have taken lions share. All the registered commodities since the implementation of the Act have been included in the study. The paper discusses the present condition of the registered Geographical Indications of the Maharashtra State. Since the implementation of the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999, till now there are 34 products or commodities which have been registered with the authority of the Government of India. In this paper the authors have analysed the retrieved data by category of the product, involving districts of the products and chronologically registration of the products. Definition, purpose, history and genesis of Geographical indication have also been discussed. Some of the commodities which are not included or registered with the GI register are also identified by the author.


Geographical Indication; TRIPS; WTO; Agriculture Products

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