COVID-19 Patenting Activity in Higher Educational Institutions

Lakshmi, Divya ; Selvamani, Lourden ; Varadhan manchala, Vijaya ; C, Dhilpan


In India, 2.93 crore people had been succumbed to COVID-19 on 5 June 2020.1 Containing a series of unparalleled catastrophic event that required hedging on innovation and technologies developed by industry and academia. The purpose of the paper is to identify technologies developed at academia related to COVID-19 pandemic. The exploration by employing PATENTSCOPE COVID-19 functionality, 85 institutions were found to accumulate 1427 out of more than 6000 patents over 20 years COVID-19 technologies under 10 classifications entertained by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Finally, the reflection of COVID-19 in response to selected Indian higher educational institutions is inconclusive. The results imply policy makers to encourage the indigenous innovations in all the functionalities in combating the pandemic.


COVID-19; Technologies; Patents; Higher Educational Institutions; Third Mission; Pandemic; PATENTSCOPE database; NIRF 2020

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