Patent landscape of COVID-19 Innovations: A Comprehensive Review

Dubey, Amit ; M, Lavanya ; Soni, Patrika ; Sharma, Rahul


The COVID 19 pandemic gave a stringent upshot on the lives of human. The people are running in race to save themselves and the race is still on. Covid emergency has not only retarded the health of the society but also made it face the economic downfall in a severe manner. The scientists and the data analyst gave their predictions for the additional wave of infection, thus stating Covid appropriate behaviour as the medicine for the time. This health calamity provides an opportunity for cross-sector partnership of technology and science as to keep the battle fight strong, finding new roads leading to fresh solutions in health care and innovations. There is a requirement of systematic approach for accessing the patent literature that is already available, as to form a research platform for further advancements. The study serves a general view of the search strategy and approach, categorization of search, database set used, websites, novelty, derivation of innovation, field of work, and the investigational dataset regarding the Covid-19 patent literature under the category of diagnosis, sanitization, personal protection and vaccine development available from December 2019 to June 2021.The patent literature provides us with the knowledge which innovation is filed first for patent and published documents which can be found in the database search, thus deriving the ideologies as a supplementary guidance for the advancement of innovations. Evidently it can be concluded that our research and report can be helpful in drawing some innovative outlines with industrial applications or some other, require further interpretation with more concern.


COVID-19; Patent Databases; Innovation; Pandemic; Patent Search; Patent Analysis

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