Utilization of Eureka Lemon Peel for Development of Value Added Product

Gupta, Neeraj


The main purpose of the study to utilize the waste of eureka lemon for development of value added product i.e osmo-dried eureka lemon peel flakes.The flakes were developed from the peel of eureka lemon.The peel flakes were washed with plain water, blanched for 5 min and dipped in sugar and jaggery syrup concentrations/treatments (50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75oBrix) for 24 hours. After one day, the syrup was drained out and peel flakes were dried in cabinet tray drier (600C) for 4-5 h, packed in LDPE bags and then stored at room temperaturefor three months. The chemical and sensory characteristics were analyzed at an interval of one month. Osmo-dried eureka lemon peel flakes showed a decreasing trend in L* value, b* value, ascorbic acid and β-Carotene whereas an increasing trend was observed in reducing sugar, total sugar and a* value during storage period of three months. On the basis of overall acceptability, treatment T7 (75 oBrix sugar syrup) was found to be the most preferred osmo-dried eureka lemon peel flakes. Osmo-dried eureka lemon peel flakes can be preserved safely for three months.


Eureka lemon, Peel, Osmo-dried, Flakes, Sugar, jaggery

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