Performance Analysis of the Swashplate Axial Piston Pump with Hydraulic
Fluid Temperatures

Kumar, Neeraj ; Kumar, Rahul ; Sarkar, Bikash Kumar; Maity, Subhendu



Variable displacement axial piston pump can be used in a hydraulic system as the primary source of fluid power, which is suitable for high pressure and high efficiency. The power can be transfer in a hydraulic system with the help of the fluid medium. The oil leakage problem in various parts of the pump, especially the internal leakages in the piston-cylinder, swash plate-slipper pad and valve plate-cylinder block, seriously affect the performance of the pump. Therefore, it is important to know the properties of the fluid and its effect on the system performance. To study the performance of an axial piston pump, a non-linear mathematical model has been developed. The developed model has been validated with the existing results. The validated pump model has been used for performance analysis of the system. Moreover, the influence of hydraulic mineral oil at different temperatures on the piston chamber pressure, output power, and leakage flow in piston-cylinder has been explored. The present investigation has been performed in MATLAB Simulink 14a environment. The simulation result shows that the pump operating temperature range can be set as 30℃ to 60℃ for moderate ripple and output chamber pressure.


Hydraulic system, Bulk modulus, Chamber pressure, MATLAB Simulink

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