VISU: A 3D Printed Functional Robot for Human Pose Replication

Kompally, Pranav ; Sethuraman, Sibi Chakkaravarthy; Reddy, Srikar ; Koduri, Charan ; Naidu, Yaswanth ; Raghavaiah, M ; Reddy, Sashidhar ; Nikhil, Namburi


This paper presents VISU, a novel 3D printed functional robot. VISU is equipped with open-source technologies making it more modular in adapting Internet of Things (IoT) based services. VISU is able to detect and analyze the user’s activity and pose. In addition, a simple method to replicate the pose of a user is also proposed. VISU can also perform actions such as Face recognition, Object Recognition among other basic functionalities.


Computer vision, Face recognition, Humanoid, Object recognition, Pose replication

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