Realization of Autonomous Sensor Networks with AI based Self-reconfiguration and Optimal Data Transmission Algorithms in resource constrained nodes



Wireless sensor networks (WSN) prove to be an enabling technology for Industry 4.0 for their ability to perform in autonomous manner even in regions of extreme conditions. Autonomy brings in independent decision making and exerting controls without manual intervention and frequent maintenance. This paper aims to inculcate intelligence to the WSN exploiting the merits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in cheap and most preferred ESP8266 and ESP32 based nodes. Autonomy is brought in by means of optimal data transmission, compressive sensing fault detection and network reconfiguration and energy efficiency. Optimal data transmission is achieved using Q-learning based exploration exploitation algorithm. Compressive sensing performed using Autoencoders ensure reduction in transmission overhead. Fault detection is done using Binary SVM classifier and the net- work re-configures based on physical redundancy. This paper high- lights the implementation of such autonomous WSN in real time along with their performance statistics.


Wireless Sensor Networks; Artificial Intelligence; Optimal data transmission; Self-reconfiguration

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