A Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Individual Job Tardiness
based Objectives

Shahzad, Atif ; Gulzar, Waqar Ahmed; Shahzad, Aeysha


A multi-objective scheduling problem with specified release times and due dates for individual tasks is analysed in this study. Distinct tardiness value of each task j comprises the part of the objective, while it is desired to identify all non-dominated solutions. Tardiness values for a total number of n tasks complete a single solution making it an n-objective scheduling problem. Tardiness is treated here as a task specific objective, being different in the usual scheduling context.
A branch and bound procedure is proposed for individual tardiness of tasks in multi-objective contexts. The procedure is illustrated with an example. Active schedule enumeration scheme with depth-first strategy for branching is used in branching while two different bounding schemes are tested. However, an improved bounding scheme to find better-quality need to be developed. Procedure is found to perform well on small scale problems. For an n-objective problem like this, a more robust data structure may further improve the performance of the procedure.


Group scheduling; Multi-objective optimization; Job shop; Branch and bound; Dominance rule

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