Fuzzy based Secure Data Gathering Approach for Ad hoc Sensor Networks

Samydurai, Gopinath ; Bojan, Gurumoorthy Kambatty; Dharmarajan, Bhanu


Data gathering is one of the difficult tasks in Ad hoc Sensor networks. Sensor Networks consist of limited power sensor nodes located with high density and deployed for various applications such as military, industry and environmental tracking etc. However energy constraint of sensor nodes is one of the biggest challenges in sensor networks. Balancing of data gathering and energy efficiency is the biggest task in sensor networks. In the proposed system, Fuzzy based Secure Data Gathering Approach (FSDGA) is introduced based on slot based scheduling and asymmetric key crypto scheme. Cluster region is formed and Cluster Head (CH) is chosen through voting system to determine the remaining energy, node flexibility, connectivity ratio and node stability. The routes are found with authentication metric based on key identifiers to reduce the vulnerability of attackers. Mamdani Fuzzy decision scheme is introduced with data gathering algorithm to improve the data availability ratio.


Cluster region; Data gathering; Connectivity ratio; Fuzzy decision mechanism; Authentication metric; Node stability

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