Optimization of Extrusion Process for Development of Nutritious Snacks using Rice and Chickpea Flour

Altaf, Uzma ; Hussain, Syed Zameer; Qadri, Tahiya ; Ishrat, Syed Aafiya; Kanojia, Varsha


A systematic study was conducted to develop nutritionally superior extruded snacks from blend of high amylose rice and chickpea flour using a twin-screw extruder. The effect of barrel temperature 160°C–200°C, moisture content of feed 11%−15%, feed composition 95% rice : 5% chickpea to 35% rice : 65% chickpea and screw speed - 160 to 280 rpm on dependent variables i.e. specific mechanical energy (SME), water solubility and water absorption indices (WAI and WSI), bulk density (BD), expansion ratio (ER), breaking strength (BS), L*, a*, b* and overall acceptability was investigated by Central composite rotatable design (CCRD). The optimized condition obtained by numeric optimization were barrel temperature (186°C), feed moisture (12%), feed proportion (74% rice: 26% chickpea) and screw speed of 222 rpm.


Amylose rice; Chickpea; CCRD; Screw speed; Barrel temperature; Moisture content

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