Combustion Analysis using Third Generation Biofuels in Diesel Engine

Sathish, T ; Singaravelu, Dinesh Kumar


In this study the use of Chlorella vulgaris biodiesel blends are tested in a naturally aspirated dual fuel diesel engine with various load conditions at a rated speed of 1500 rpm. In the engine, the test fuels such as B20 injection, B20 blending and diesel were prepared and tested. The combustion characteristic has provided a better understanding of the operation of the engine in dual-fuel mode. The combustion analysis was done at the injection timings of 23° angle before top dead centre with an injection pressure of 220 bars. The results show that 20% blend of Chlorella vulgaris microalgae biodiesel with 80% diesel produced higher cylinder pressures, heat release rate, lower combustion duration, and ignition delay as compared to diesel fuel. The experimental outcomes indicate that the usage of algae oil blend in diesel engine is a feasible option.


Chlorella vulgaris algae oil; Biodiesel; Blending; Injection; Combustion

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