Portable vapor-compression solar refrigeration system for use in the agricultural harvesting site

Silva Cruz, Daniel ; PEREZ BUENO, JOSE DE JESUS ; Paredes, José Abel ; Terán López, Arnulfo ; Meas Vong, Yunny


There is a growing interest in implementing sustainable technologies that are within reach of the population for covering the need of a rational energy consumption of refrigeration systems. Therefore, this work shows the design and construction of a cooling chamber, which will be part of a vapor-compression solar cooling system, useful for the agro-industrial sector to conserving perishable products directly at the harvesting site. This portable system uses photovoltaic panels as a source of motive power. The above was developed from the knowledge of the fruit to be conserved for its modeling and subsequent simulation, in this case study was guava. Also, a photovoltaic analysis was carried out. It was possible to obtain a cooling capacity for the chamber of 183.10 W and a heat loss of 6.85 W.


Cooling chamber; solar refrigeration; vapor-compression; photovoltaic

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