Enhanced Production of Tannase through RSM by Bacillus haynesii SSRY4 MN031245 under Submerged Fermentation

Dhiman, Sunny ; Mukherjee, Gunjan ; Kumar, Anu ; Majumdar, Rita Singh


Present investigation reports enhanced production of tannase by Bacillus haynesii SSRY4 MN031245 through application of Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Central Composite Design (CCD) of RSM was employed to determine the most important factors contributing to enzyme production and their interactions were analysed through graph models. Optimum production of enzyme (11.19 U/mL) was achieved at pH 5.5, temperature 37°C, incubation period 72 hours and agitation speed of 150.0 rpm. The statistically optimized values of variables enhanced the tannase production by 2.49 folds.


Design matrix, Enzyme synthesis, Interaction, Response, Statistical optimization

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