Perceived Consumer Discomfort of Online Video Advertising
:Analysis of Characteristics by Consumer Cluster

Shon, Minjung ; Lee, Daeho


Various online video platforms provide abundant advantages and benefits; however, consumers are found to be getting uncomfortable with the proliferation of online video advertising. Some have already availed of adblocking services or subscribed to paid services, in an attempt to reduce the discomfort of online video advertising. Using the mediating effect of the structural equation model, this study proves the factors that cause discomfort to consumers when online video advertisements are streaming. In addition, this study uses the clustering method to resolve behavioral differences according to consumers’ traits, comprising content consumption, advertising, and online shopping. Consequently, consumers are divided into two clusters: cluster 1 identified as an active searching and careful consideration group and cluster 2 as an active watching and shopping group. It was only in cluster 2 that the mediating effect shows that if long advertising is interesting, its discomfort decreases.


Ad avoidance, Advertising discomfort, K-means clustering, Mediating effect, Structural equation model

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