Diesel Engine Emission Characteristics Study using Algae Biofuel

Sathish, T ; Singaravelu, Dinesh Kumar


The purpose of this study is to determine the benefits of using algal biodiesel blends in motorized vehicles, as well as knowing the extent to which the biodiesel mixture can reduce its emissions to suppress the impact on the environment. The engine employed was coupled to a dynamometer and evaluated at a speed of 1500 rpm at various degrees of load. FTIR spectrum of the oil and biodiesel was studied. Various emission parameters such as carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxides and smoke opacity were analyzed using AVL emission analyzer. The results of this study have indicated a mixture of quality effects of biodiesel against diesel. In various scenarios the biodiesel blends showed a significant reduction in environmental impact.


Chlorella vulgaris; Biodiesel; Blending; Injection; Emission

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