Adsorptive and Photocatalytic Removal of Rhodamine B Dye from Water by using Copper Ferrite Polyaniline Nanocomposite

Singh, N B; Agarwal, Anupam ; Rachna, Km


Preparation of copper ferrite polyaniline nanocomposite (CF-PANI) and its use for photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B dye from aqueous solution has been studied. Copper ferrite (CuFe2O4), a magnetic ferrite (spinel) of nano dimension was synthesized by co-precipitation method. Polyaniline nanocomposite of copper ferrite was prepared by in situ polymerization and SEM technique was used for characterization. Adsorption and photo-degradation capacity of prepared nanocomposite was evaluated under different conditions.


CF-PANI nanocomposite; Sunlight; Degradation; Kinetics

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