Flame Profile Measurement of Cu (II) based Salen Complex Filled Thermally Stabilized PVC Sheets by Cone Calorimeter

Soni, R K; Sharma, Aakansha ; TAkitsu, T ; Teotia, Meenu


This study deals with evaluation of Cu-based salen complexes as fire retardants in thermally stabilized PVC sheets. The complexes were prepared using salicylaldehyde/5-bromosalicylaldehyde, ethylenediamine and copper (II) acetate monohydrate are used in casting of PVC sheets. PVC sheets were subjected to cone calorimetric experiments and mechanical analysis. Copper based salen complexes filled PVC sheets have shown a decrease of 15.41 MJ/m2 and 10.42 MJ/m2 in total heat release in comparison to control sample. The complexes also enhanced tensile strength of the PVC sheets. A comparative account of PVC sheets for heat release rate, oxygen concentration and concentration of smoke is also presented.


Flame retardants; Petrella’s arbitrary scale; PVC, Salen complexes

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