Extraction of Insoluble Dietary Fibre from Date (Phoenix dactylifera) and its Characterization

Ghoshal, Gargi ; Dhiman, Preeti


In the present study our aim was to extract water insoluble dietary fibre from the date fruit using microwave assisted heating. Physicochemical properties, rheological behavior, elemental analysis, FTIR and, SEM of fibre were determined. Particle size was in the range of 800–1067 nm. Elemental analysis of water insoluble fibre confirms the presence of protein and absence of sugar. Extracted dietary fibre has excellent oil and water holding capacity. FTIR confirms the presence of polysaccharides, cellulose, hemicelluloses and amides which indicate the presence of protein in fibre sample. Atomic absorption spectroscopic study confirmed the existence of higher amount of calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorous, but absence of sodium.


Date; Dietary Fibre; Extraction; Particle Size; SEM

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