Application of Continuous Electrocoagulation Process for Distillery Wastewater Treatment


Srivastava, Ashima ; Srivastava, Kirti ; Singh, Pratibha


The present research deals with the treatment of distillery wastewater by continuous electrocoagulation (CEC) process using iron (Fe) as an electrode material. Effects of flow rates (L h−1) and residence time (τ) were studied on removal of various physicochemical parameters (TS, color, COD). COD removal efficiency of 80.10 and 83.1%; and color removal efficiency of 83.2 and 91.5%, respectively was achieved at flow rates of 1.0 and 0.5 dm3 h−1. After 3 h residence time and flow rate of 1 dm3 h−1, TS concentration of wastewater slurry was also decreased by 69%. SEC was decreased from 16.3 to 14.3 kW h per kg COD removed with change in τ from 4 to 1 h. Dissolution and consumption of electrodes were also investigated with a change in flow rates.


Chemical Oxygen Demand, Distillery wastewater, Effluent treatment, Flow rate

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