Evolutionary Computing Tools Based Design of Elliptical Antenna Array for Amplitude-Position Technique

Chowdary, P.Satish Rama; Babu, B S S V Ramesh; Mishra, Satyasis


The work presented in this paper deals with the design of elliptical antenna array for a desired radiation pattern in which the SLL is optimized using evolutionary computation algorithm, Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization(APSO), Flower Pollination Algorithm(FPA) and Antlion Optimization(ALO) are used in amplitude position technique in which both amplitude and angular positions of the element on the circumference of the ellipse are determined using the above-mentioned algorithm.. The Simulations are carried out in MATLAB 2019 and SLL are obtained from the corresponding radiation pattern for analysis.


APSO,FPA,ALO, Side lobe level, Elliptical antenna array (EAA)

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