Metakaolin Geopolymer Bricks and Prismsin Axial Compression

Kalaiyarrasi, A R R; Partheeban, P


Metakaolin geopolymer bricks (MKGB) were synthesised in this investigation with different percentages of flyash (FA) and Metakaolin (MK). A desired strength of 5.5 N/mm2is achieved by using 50% FA and 50% MK. The bricks were tested for properties like water absorption, initial rate of absorption, efflorescence, modulus of elasticity (MOE) and modular ratio. Initial rate of absorption for the MKGB is 0.5 Kg/m2/min and the water absorption for MKGB is 3–5%. The Poisson’s ratio (µ) for MKGB is 0.2 and E is 2340 MPa. Metakaolin Geopolymer brick prisms (MKBP) with aspect ratios ranging between 2–5 were constructed with 1:3 cement mortar. The compressive strength and the efficiency increases with the increase in aspect ratio of the masonry. The failure pattern is splitting and crushing of bricks rather than loss of bond between mortar and MKGB.


Compressive Strength; MOE; Poisson’s ratio

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