Experimental Investigation of Recast Layer, Heat Affected Zone and Corrosion Resistance in WEDM of Inconel 617

Gholipoor, Ahad ; Shabgard, Mohammadreza ; Arghavanian, Reza


In this investigation, the effects of input parameters of wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) process such as pulse current and pulse duration on recast layer thickness (RLT) and heat affected zone depth (HAZ) in machining of Inconel 617 was investigated. Also the corrosion behavior of the machined workpiece was studied. The results showed that RLT increased by increasing pulse current, while HAZ decreased after an increase up to 10 A. Recast layer thickness and HAZ increased by increasing pulse duration. Also, results suggest that WEDM increased the corrosion resistance of workpiece.


Corrosion resistance; Heat affected zone; Machining; Pulse current; Recast layer

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