Design and Development of a Solar Artifact using Structural Analysis

Maity, Atanu ; Prasad, Ashok Kumar; Kumar, Nitish ; Mandal, Subrata Kumar


The Flat or rooftop mountings of PV systems require large area of land for the generation of electricity. As per the present scenario, the availability of suitable land is a major problem in cities as well as in the villages in India. Keeping it in mind, a solar artifact has been designed and developed at our Institute. The necessary structural analysis and mechanical load has been done in reference with sustainable wind load of the structure. By taking Factor of safety as 15, the Von Mises Stress is found to be 307.948 MPa. A typical shadow analysis has also been carried out on the solar panels attached with the solar artifact to determine whether there is any overlap of solar panels and thereby to get maximum solar energy.


Phyllotaxy pattern; PV panel; PV system; Shadow analysis

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