Walking Foot Insoles for Dynamic Postural Analysis of Patients with Gait Imbalance: A Preliminary Report

Walia, Shilpa ; Kumar, Neelesh ; Sherwani, Kashif ; Bari, Swapnil ; Saxena, Somya


There are different cycles involved in the gait. In order to detect the pathological gait, it is necessary to understand the normal gait. During walk, various parameters were calculated to do analysis for providing further gait training. The aim of this study is to do the investigation and precise identification of deviation in gait pattern. Experimental study is done on thirty-one test subjects suffering from gait impairment. Further, data analysis on subjects is done to measure their gait parameters for usability in their walking aids. Favorable measuring parametric results were obtained and found satisfactory on comparing with standard walking system. The system is capable of determining the standard of care for the assessment and treatment of patients with balance, dizziness and mobility problems.


Assessment; Dynamic posture; Gait cycle; Postural stability

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