A 128Kb RAM Design with Capacitor-Based Offset Compensation and Double-Diode based Read Assist Circuits at Low VDD

Yamani, Sudha Vani; Rani, N Usha; Vaddi, Ramesh


Low power static random access memory (SRAM) takes significant portion of area on chip in all modern SOCs and emerging Computing-in-memory applications for edge devices in IoT. This work proposes novel readability assist with the double-diode based word line under drive (WLUD) has been effective improving the read-static noise-margin (RSNM) by 26–46%and proposed a capacitor based current controlled sense amplifier offset compensation scheme. This scheme achieves 4X reduction in standard deviation of offset voltage over conventional sense amplifier design with 1.1% and 2.9% of area, power overheads respectively with 90 nm CMOS technology at 0.5–1.0 V supply voltages.


Current-controlled sense amplifier (CCSA); Offset cancellation; RSNM; SRAM; WLUD

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