Correlation Studies among Nutritional Quality Parameters of Baby Corn


., Sapna ; Chauhan, S K; Chaudhary, D P; Dar, Z A; Sayyed, R Z; El Enshasy, H A


Correlation studies made with nineteen diverse genotypes of baby corn (Zea mays L.) for seven nutritional quality parameters, viz., sugar, protein, potassium, ascorbic acid, phosphorus, iron and calcium contents revealed the positive association of protein content with ascorbic acid, sugar and calcium and negative with potassium and phosphorus. Ascorbic acid got a positive correlation with all the quality parameters under experiment except iron. Calcium showed a negative trend with sugar, phosphorous and potassium and positive with remaining parameters. There existed a positive and highly significant correlation between phosphorous and potassium. Iron content showed a positive correlation with potassium and calcium and negative with other parameters. This suggests that breeding for high protein content will lead to simultaneous improvement in ascorbic acid, sugar, and calcium. Similarly, selection for high iron content will simultaneously enhance potassium and calcium.


Ascorbic acid; Calcium; Iron; Phosphorus; Potassium

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