Hybrid Techniques for MRI Spine Images Classification

Raja, Geetha ; Mohan, J


The number of persons suffering from spinal tumor has increased significantly from 2010 to 2016. Tumor is one of the major diseases of spinal cord. Thousands of researchers have concentrated on this disease to provide more efficient diagnosis with better understanding of the classification of spinal cord tumor. The proposed convolutional neural network (CNN) is tested with two hybrid recognized techniques of image detection which are K–nearest neighbor (KNN) with principal component analysis (PCA), local binary patterns (LBP) with support vector machine (SVM). Above three techniques overall accuracy is demonstrated, which show that LBP with SVM gives better result compared to KNN with PCA. The proposed CNN provides high accuracy classification and detection of spine diseases compared to other three techniques, which have obtained a best detection accuracy of 99.41 %. This process is fully implemented in MATLAB tool.



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