Engine Combustion Test using Algae Biofuel with Nanofluid

Saravanan, N ; Sasikumar, K S K


The research attempts to analyze the influence of S. Marginatum algae biodiesel, used in a diesel engine with additives. Transesterification was used to prepare biodiesel from microalgae to mix with standard diesel at a rate of 20% (vol.) called B20. The nanofluid Al2O3 was prepared and tested along with B20 under different loads at a speed of 1500 rpm in a direct ignition diesel engine for their combustion characteristics. It is concluded that fuel mixtures of Al2O3 nanofluids confirmed better combustion on a CI engine compared to B20 mix.


Algae biomass; Al2O3 nanoadditive; Biodiesel; Blending; Combustion

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