Proposed Framework for Dealing COVID-19 Pandemic Using Blockchain Technology

Gupta, Mansi ; Kumar, Vimal ; Yadav, Vikash ; Singh, Rajesh Kumar; Sadim, Mohd


The production and distribution of COVID-19 testing kits is an urgent and increasingly worldwide requirement, due to the ongoing pandemic. The accuracy of the kit is critically important and to save the world from the faulty kit becomes an issue. The kit before use has to be approved by an authorized medical research agency like US-FDA, ICMR, etc. In this paper, we proposed a framework that ensures that the testing kit is validated by various measures and gives the history of the supply chain of the testing kit. The parties that are used in the supply chain are Notary, Manufacturer, and Validating Party. A Consumer also plays an important role and can punch the batch number to check whether the kit is approved or not. The framework is developed using R3 Corda, a permissioned distributed ledger technology. A permissioned blockchain is used for data privacy and security so that only trusted parties can leave or join the system.


Coronavirus; Blockchain; Supply Chain Management; COVID-19; HealthCare Industry

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