Event Driven Application Specific Prioritized Data Transmission Approach for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Kumar, Rakesh ; Bhardwaj, Diwakar ; Mishra, Manas Kumar


The paper presents a novel framework based on prioritized event detection for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (UWSN).  The proposed approach named Event Driven Energy Balanced Routing (EDEBR) takes the routing decision based on oceanic environment parameters (temperature, density, salinity and pressure). The approach of EDEBR considers two routing phase based on annotated parameters of Critical and Non-critical event priority. Here critical data routing phase focuses on fast and reliable delivery of data and Non-critical data routing phase focuses on the network lifetime through energy balancing technique. The proposal is evaluated and compared against the standard state-of-art protocol on the basis of following three evaluation parameters i) end to end delay, ii) Network lifetime and iii) Throughput of the network. Here in case of critical data the end to end delay is reduced this satisfies the condition for fast delivery.  In case of non-critical data, the energy is conserved this enhances the overall life time. Lastly the maximum throughput is achieved in cases of critical and non-critical. Thus the proposal describes a novel routing mechanism for different priority data based on annotated critical and non-critical priorities in underwater environment. The viability of proposal for both cases critical and non-critical is validated through the simulation.


Energy Efficient Routing

Delay sensitive Routing

Depth based routing

Multi-hop Transmission

Mixed-hop Transmission

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