Dimensional and Physical Properties of Temperate Highland Rice Varieties

Naseer, Bazila ; Naik, H R; Hussain, S Z; Rather, A H; Bhat, Tashooq ; ., Beenish


During the present investigation, eight commonly grown rice varieties of temperate highland regions of Kashmir were selected to study different quality attributes. The dimensional and physical properties of selected rice varieties differed significantly (p≤0.05). With regard to colour coordinates (L*, a*, b*, chroma and hue angle), all the varieties showed significant (p≤0.05) variation except b* value. Very high significant (P≤0.01) correlations were noticed amongst the different dimensional and physical attributes. Based on the nature and magnitude of character association recorded in the present study, the inference drawn was that dimensional properties like length, width, L/W ratio, thickness, equivalent diameter (De), geometric diameter (Dg), arithmetic diameter (Da), area of transverse surface (At), surface area (S) and aspect ratio (Ra); physical properties like 1000 grain weight, bulk density (BD), true density (TD), hardness and chalkiness should be used to formulate the selection indices for development of quality rice for temperate highland regions.


Engineering properties; Pearson correlation; Systematic classification; Temperate rice

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