Hybridization of ALO and GOA for Combined Economic Emission Dispatch

Sita, Hareesh ; Reddy, P Umapathi; Kiranmayi, R ; Chaithanya, S


A hybrid algorithm is presented for CEED problem with generation, emission and combustion of fuel & emission cost as an objective. The proposed algorithm is combined with both ant lion optimizer and grass hopper optimizations called as integrated ant lion grasshopper optimization algorithm (IALGOA). To find an optimal solution for a CEED, the IALGOA is proposed in this paper. The IALGOA performance is compared and analyzed with conventional hybrid algorithms like PSO, GSA and Adaptive Wind Driven Optimization (AWDO) under standard IEEE 30-bus test system. The presented numerical results explain IALGOA algorithm’s excellent convergence characteristics.


CEED; EED; Hybrid algorithm; IALGOA

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