Possible Use Case of the Multidisciplinary Approach of Art Collaboration

Hong, Jung-Ouk ; Kim, Hyung Gi


Recognizing that much of art collaboration projects undertaken by businesses today consume art for simple marketing purposes only and that even academic research on art collaboration is lopsidedly focused on the marketing function thereof, this study explores prospects for long-term collaboration between fine art and businesses. Contrasting the majority of one-time marketing events that have been organized in the form of art collaboration by innumerable businesses so far, the partnership between Unilever and Tate Modern, on the one hand, and Hyundai Motor’s culture and art projects, on the other, are distinct for their long-term commitment to culture and the arts. These two cases have opened up new possibilities for not only artists, but also businesses and consumers. Taking inspiration from Rosalind Krauss’ emphasis on “reinventing the medium” as the “post-medium condition” defining contemporary art, this study explores the importance of aesthetic value to long-term collaboration between fine art and commerce, and examines the broader horizon of opportunities that such collaboration opens up for both sides.


Art collaboration Art marketing; Contemporary art; Jung-Ouk HongCulture and art projects

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