Reliability Integrated Intrusion Detection System for Isolating Black Hole Attack in MANET

Gopinath, S ; Natraj, N A; Bhanu, D ; Sureshkumar, N


Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a temporary network which can be utilized for emergency applications. It is easy to deploy the attackers in the network. The network performance may get degraded due to the presence of attackers. Black hole attack is the major attack which will totally violate the network rules and degrade the routing process. In this research, the Reliability Integrated Intrusion Detection System (RIIDS) is used for isolating the black hole attacks. It contains three phases. In first phase, the node forwarding ration is estimated to provide node reliability. In second phase, route reliability metric is evaluated to obtain the effective routes which can withstand the attackers. In third phase, objective function with effective routing strategy is adopted to detect attackers and isolate them by discovering alternate routes. The simulation results are analyzed using AODV protocol in terms of various performance metrics i.e. attacker detection ratio, queuing delay, packet delivery ratio and confidentiality.


AODV; Node reliability; Packet delivery ratio; Queuing delay; RIIDS; Route reliability

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