Bidirectional Transmission in TWDM Optical Access Network with Tunable Wavelength ONU

Singhal, Ankur ; Gupta, Amit ; Bakshi, Surbhi ; Singh, Harbinder


In this paper, a novel configuration for bidirectional hybrid time and wavelength division multiplexing (TWDM) optical access network is presented that fulfills the growing broadband requirements of next generation 5G customers. A purely passive system module is suggested for 512 subscribers that can communicate at a line rate of 240 Gbps in downlink and 160 Gbps in uplink over the common fiber cable. Shared network infrastructure helps in amortization of the installation and recurring operational expenses. Subscriber optical network unit (ONU) consists of tunable wavelength transmitter that can adjust uplink channel on the instructions of the medium access control layer (MAC). Improved Bandwidth Optimization Hybrid Scheduling Algorithm (BOHSA1) is implemented in the network to reduce the wastage of time slots per channel that helps in improving the channel utilization. The demonstrated architecture is extensively investigated to know the impact of diverse encoding scheme; photo-detector and electric filter have on the network performance.


Bandwidth Allocation; BOHSA; Channel Utilization; Scheduling

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