Design and Development of Sensorless Vector Control of Switched Reluctance Motor using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Nagesh, K ; Lenine, D ; Sujatha, P


Switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive has gained popularity in high-performance motion control applications where high speeds and soft torque are required. Nevertheless, presence of flux harmonics in the air gap results in unattractive torque ripples. The torque ripples deteriorate the performance of the high-performance drive applications. In this paper the speed of the SRM drive is controlled by using sensorless vector control. Flux in the motor is estimated by an estimator and the switching of the inverter is modulated by the vector control. To reduce the ripples in the torque, fuzzy logic controller is used. Rule based fuzzy controller is developed by considering error and change in error as inputs. The proposed system is validated by changing the load of the drive. Results obtained are found be acceptable and torque ripples are minimized significantly.


Fuzzy controller;  Load; Torque ripples

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