A Bibliometric Analysis of Quassinoids Research - A Class of Bioactive Compounds

Pathak, Manohar ; Prasanna Kumari, N K


Quassinoids are a class of bioactive compounds that are obtained from the Simaroubaceae family. This family consists of more than 170 species of trees and bushes of pantropical distribution. Due to their potent bioactivity against chronic illness, the quassinoids are regularly explored for their biological activities. This has resulted in the buildup of scientific literature. Therefore, here we analyzed the global literature, indexed in SCI-E journals up to 2018 on quassinoids which is a triterpenoid natural group of compounds. There were a total of 793 publications with 16283 citations and 10724 citations without self-citation having an h-index of 56 and average citation per item of 20.53. We have also analyzed the year wise publication growth, most prolific authors, organizations and countries, most prolific journals, frequencies of keywords, and relevant terms of title and abstract. The authorship pattern and collaboration network between countries, authors, and languages of publication have also been analyzed. Overall, this compilation will help as an essential resource to refer to the detailed evidence regarding the quassinoids research.


Citation; Mapping; Natural compound; Scientometric; Triterpenoid

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