Hybrid Energy Efficient Secured Attribute based ZRP Aiding Authentic Data Transmission

Spurthi, kollu ; Shankar, T N


The modern furtherance in mobile Ad-hoc networks with evolving technology is challenging the researcher’s calibre in several aspects concerning routing MANETS with dynamic structure rely on the routing factor for reliable transmission. Routing protocols dictate the performance of networks in Wireless environments. Practitioner’s research introduces routing protocols falling into categories like Proactive, Reactive and Hybrid routing protocols. Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP), a multicast routing protocol is gaining attention as it fusions the features of both proactive and Reactive protocols. Our work addresses the energy consumption issues and security breaches in the routing process of ZRP, thereby furnishing with a Hybrid Approach. The proposed Model leverages transmission efficiency by periodically reducing the number of unwanted nodes consuming energy and providing additional security instances using ABE-based encryption. Various Qualities of Service (QoS) parameters like throughput, end-to-end delay (E2ED), load balancing, energy consumption, and delivery ratio have shown that the hybrid technique is effective compared to the traditional ZRP.


Attribute based encryption, Energy, MANET, Network security, QoS Parameters

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