A Study on the Torrefaction of Rice Husk as an Attempt to Enhance Its Energy Content

Mandefro, Dejene ; Jabasingh, S Anuradha


Torrefaction  refers to the thermal and chemical treatment of organic substances (at atmospheric pressure, between 200–300°C, under  inert conditions). The objective of this study is to torrefy the rice husk of Ethiopian origin, after a pretreatment with dilute sulfuric acid in order to enhance its energy density. The torrefaction temperature, holding time, and acid concentration investigated in this study were (200, 250, and 300°C), (20, 40, and 60 min) and (0.75, 1.50, and 2.25 g/L), respectively.  Box-Behnken experimental Design (BBD) was applied for optimization using Design-Expert ® Version 7 software (Stat-Ease Inc., Minnesota, United States).


Chemical treatment; Experimental design; Optimization; Pyrolysis; Rice husk; Statistical analysis

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