Prioritization of Operational Risks in a Reverse Logistics Network for the Recovery of Waste Cooking Oil (WCO)

Insuasty-Reina, Jeniffer Guadalupe; Tascón-Rueda, Juan Alejandro; Osorio-Gómez, Juan Carlos


Reverse logistics networks for Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) have recently taken on great importance, due to legal requirements, cost-benefit considerations as well as social and environmental responsibility. Companies that manage WCO collection, transport and storage processes in these networks are prone to face various operational risks (such as oil spills, thefts, accidents, fires, among others). Recent studies have also shown that an inadequate management of these risks may generate not only a network disruption, but also lead to a loss of materials, time and money. Taking this issue into consideration, this work carries out the characterization of the focused network and subsequently an identification of operational risks in each process. Finally, the risks are prioritized by applying the Fuzzy-QFD tool, considering their impact on the strategic objectives of the processes, obtaining a priority ranking that provides WCO recovery companies with an essential basis for directing their risk mitigation actions.


Fuzzy-QFD, Operational risk, Reverse logistics network, Risk prioritization, Waste cooking oil (WCO)

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