Studies on Operational and Plant Parameters Affecting the Deposition of Charged and Uncharged Spray Droplets on Cabbage Plant Canopy

Jyoti, Bikram ; Mani, Indra ; Kumar, Adarsh ; Khura, Tapan Kumar; Sahoo, R N; Jha, G K; Shakil, N A; Parmar, Bhupendra Singh


The existing method of pesticide application has resulted in wastage of chemicals and environmental pollution. Electrostatic spray charging system for impregnation of charge on spray droplets and its subsequent transfer to the precise plant target can mitigate the problems in conventional spraying. The operational parameters of spraying system and plant characteristics play an important role in deposition of spray droplets on plant canopy. In view of that, an experimental electrostatically spray charging system was developed to assess the deposition on plant surface. At electrode voltage (4kV), flow rate (250 ml/min) deposition was maximum for forward speed (1.0 km/h) and height of application (0.55 m) at charge to mass ratio of 1.53 mC/kg.


Charge to mass ratio, Electrode voltage, Electrostatic, Pesticides, Plants

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