Exergy Analysis of Recycled Cooling System in a Process: A Case Study

Cakir, Ali Kemal


Heat pumps are devices those allow to use the energy available in nature but cannot be used because of its low temperature. By raising its temperature, heat pumps do this with a cooling cycle similar to that of air conditioners. This study presents the performance analysis of an in-room heating system during mushroom compost fermentation using a heat recovery device with an air source heat pump, which is a type of heat pump. The study was carried out by setting up experimental equipment and providing measurement-based parameters in the university laboratory. The performance analysis of the system was calculated by considering all system elements (compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve etc.) and the results were evaluated numerically. Performance analysis was made according to whether a heat pump is used in the system. Based on the results obtained by these calculations, when heat recovery device is added to the system, the work done by the compressor, loss of exergy, exergy balance and efficiency decrease. While the exergy balance of the condenser decreases, its efficiency increases. Also, while the exergy balance of the expansion valve increase, its efficiency decreases. Overall, the efficiency of the device increases.


Exergy, Energy efficiency, Cooling system, Heat recovery, Heat pump

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