Mechanical and Tribological Performance of Polypropylene/Tin Powder Composites

Gulesen, Mustafa ; Yetgin, Salih Hakan; Unal, Huseyin


In this study, the effect of Tin powder filler content on the mechanical and tribological performance of Tin filled Polypropylene (PP) composites were investigated. Polypropylene composites were prepared in a Brabender kneading chamber. The melt was transferred to a laboratory hot press and compression molded into samples for tests. The mechanical performances of the polymer based composites were determined by tensile and notched izod impact tests. The tribological tests were carried out in dry condition using pin-on-disc at 0.5−1.5 m/s Sliding Speed (SS) and 10–30 N loads. The mechanical test results demonstrated that the incorporation of Tin powders increased the Tensile Strength (TS) (5.6%), tensile modulus (TM) (19.8%) and izod Impact Strength (IS) (41.8%) while decreased the Elongation at Break (EB) (80%) values of Tin powder filled PP composites. The Friction Coefficient (COF) and Specific Wear Rate (SWR) decreased with the increase in filler content. The COF of unfilled PP, PP-8% Tin powder, PP-16% Tin powder and PP-24% Tin powder composites decreased about 20%, 23.4%, 21.8% and 29.3% with the increase in applied load from 10 N to 30 N, respectively. The SWR of the Tin powder filled PP composites decreased by 91% compared to unfilled PP polymer at 1.5 m/s speed and 30 N load value.


Coefficient of friction, Mechanical properties, Notched izod impact, Tensil, Tribology

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