Impact of Alumina Nanoadditives on Operation and Emission Attributes of Diesel Engine

Sharma, P ; Chauhan, N R; Saraswat, M


This paper collectively report work of many researchers on engine operation and emissions of diesel engine with alumina nanoadditive in diesel blends. Fuel blending is a very common and popular practice as compared to making changes in engine design or treating the exhaust gases for hazardous emissions. Alumina nanoadditive related findings are encapsulated here to review the pros and cons of various alternative fuels for better performance and reduced harmful emissions. Many recent researches are now focussed on nanoadditive over microadditives for their high specific surface area, much better combustion characteristics than micron sized additives and shorter ignition delays. Easy dispersion and suspension in liquid fuels can be obtained by Nanoparticles. This review focus on the effect of alumina nanoadditives on the fuel efficiency, brake thermal efficiency, emissions and a summary of the observation from literature is presented here.


Biodiesel; BSFC; BTE; Nanoadditives; NOx emissions

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