Sustainability and Creativity Management in Agribusiness

Ureña Espaillat, Hayrold José; Briones Peñalver, Antonio Juan; Bernal Conesa, Juan Andres; Córdoba Pachón, José Rodrigo


Agribusinesses are closely linked to natural resources, and sustainability is relatively important to companies indulged in agribusiness. This is especially true in developing countries, whose agricultural activities have largely focused on increasing efficiency rather than protecting the natural environment. Agribusinesses in these countries are currently facing the challenge of adopting corporate social responsibility practices. In this context, individual and collective creativity can be decisive. Our objective is to assess the role of creativity in improving knowledge management and innovation, environmental sustainability and performance in the agribusiness sector in the Dominican Republic. We develop a model linking green creativity with corporate social responsibility, knowledge-based innovation and sustainability performance, and formulate and validate numerous hypotheses that could help to better understand the different relationships and impacts between these elements. Testing these hypotheses could have implications for agribusiness management and policy in the Dominican Republic and possibly in other countries with a similar nature of their productive structure.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Ecological behavior (EB), Environmental, Knowledge and innovation management (KIM), Performance

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