Dry Beneficiation of Coking Coal Fines using an Advanced Air Cyclone

Srikant, Satya Sai; Mahapatra, Rajendra Prasad; Rao, Raghupatruni Bhima


An attempt is made on coking coal fines dry beneficiation of below 2 mm size, with VSK separator consisting of advanced air cyclone. The results of these investigations reveal that simple size with 250 micron can give a product with 18% ash at 17.4% yield, whereas by using VSK separator the product obtained contains 17.8% ash with 48.1% yield from a feed sample containing 23.3% ash. Since the preliminary investigations has shown encouraging results on reduction of ash, large scale continuous tests can provide better yield for various samples.


Air cyclones, Coarse, Coking coal fines, Dry beneficiation, VSK separator

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