Trusted and Transparent Blockchain-enabled E-waste Optimization to Recover Precious Metals with Microwave Heating

Mahapatra, Rajendra Prasad; Srikant, Satya Sai; Pandey, Sachi ; Chouhan, Vikas ; Rao, Raghupatruni Bhima


Blockchain technology facilitates trust and transparency in the decision-making process and enables the transaction's verifiability by reading immutable distributed ledgers. It has been innovatively applied this technology in the E-waste optimization for the recovery of precious metals using microwave heat treatment. This present paper presents the maximum recovery of precious and base metals from E-waste with a numerical technique called surface response methodology, and was compared with the actual experimental results. The main goal of this paper is to recover the precious metals like copper and gold with its adjacent metals from unwanted and discarded printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, and standards connectors, with the input variables of microwave power, maximum temperature, and aqua leaching ratio. The obtained empirical information of recovered metals was recorded in immutable distributed ledgers so that every member of the blockchain network can be read and verified through the stored records. These records were also utilized to minimize the error and maximize the precious metal outcomes. The result with blockchain network also shows that identical resemblance between the experimental and statistical predicted data obtained with surface methodology. Further, Smart Contracts has been created and deployed to store and retrieve empirical records in the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform and then measured the performance using Hyperledger Caliper Benchmark


Aqua leaching, Smart contract, Surface response methodology, Temperature

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