Comparative study of physical properties of whole and hulled minor millets for equipment designing

Gaurav, Abhishek ; Pradhan, Rama Chandra; Mishra, Sabyasachi


The present research was done for the selected minor millets viz. barnyard (Echinola esculenta), Kodo (Paspalum scrobiculatum), and little millets (Panicum sumatrense). The physical and engineering properties were evaluated at a moisture content of 10–11%, (dry basis) for whole and hulled millets. Significant improvement in the physical properties of the millets was observed for the hulled millets. The hulled millets showed higher sphericity (0.68–0.86) and exhibited a decrease in whole grains' spatial dimensions. The analysis (Gravimetric properties, frictional properties, Aerodynamic properties) was conducted for both whole and hulled millets. In frictional properties, mild steel surface showed the highest angle of static friction (9.78–17.96°) with smooth-rolling. The hulling has shown an improvement in all the physical and engineering properties of millets. In the color values, the whiteness index was improved for hulled millets. In the mechanical property of grains, resistance to crushing was expressed in terms of hardness.


Engineering properties, Gravimetric properties, Mechanical property, Minor millets, Whiteness index

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