Scope of Technological Intervention in the Sector of Traditional Indian Milk Products Industry for Sustainable Rural Development

Asgar, Shakeel ; Chauhan, Manorama


The entrepreneurial activities related to the vast sector of traditional Indian milk products and milk sweets effectuate the holistic development module fulfilling the concept of economic viability, technological feasibility, social obligation, cultural necessity and above all ecological balance. Despite robust growth and plenteous milk production, this informal sector of dairy products and sweetmeats is facing unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts. The major identified problems include non-availability of the packaging system, lack of proper handling and processing of raw material and finished products, inconsistent product quality, shortage of modern equipment, and inadequate arrangement of effluent handling. Milk and traditional Indian milk products are extremely perishable. With the ever-increasing cost of production, this sector being vast and unorganized has become increasingly vulnerable and can have far-reaching prejudicial consequences if protective technological measures are not employed at grassroots level. The pressure driven membrane processing system can bring a sea change to this industry from higher yields to a reduction in the cost of handling, storage and transportation. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), solar energy and business digitization are ready to open new vistas. The urgent necessity indicates concentrated efforts to pool, evaluate, preserve and motivate traditional practices, knowledge and wisdom coupled with selective uses of modern technological advancement in order to bring paradigm shift and inclusive growth.


Inclusive growth, Membrane system, Milk sweets, Packaging, Traditional milk products

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