Development and Evaluation of Automated Slip and Draft Control System for Tractor

Roul, Ajay Kumar; Pandey, Himanshu Sekhar; Jyoti, Bikram ; Mandal, Sandip ; Parmar, Bhupendra Singh


A microcontroller-based Automatic Slip Control System (ASCS) and Automatic Draft Control System (ADCS) for 2WD tractors was devised to automatically alter the depth of operation to keep the wheel slip and implement draft within a pre-specified range. An electro hydraulic lift link system was devised to control the depth of the implement's operation. The technology continuously checks wheel slip and draft in the field and notifies the hydraulic system, which changes the implement's depth if the wheel slip and draft exceeds the specified range. Experiments were conducted with defined slip ranges of 10–15, 15–20, and 20–25% for ploughing and cultivating activities. Field capacity and drawbar specific fuel consumption were measured as performance criteria. With the ASCS, the slip was found to range from 15–24%, versus the desired range of 15–20%, while with the current draft control system, it was found to range from 12–48% Tractor Draft Control System (TDCS). Fuel consumption was determined to be 20.13, 21.11, and 22.98 l/ha for ploughing operations with TDCS at initial depth settings of 150, 180, and 220 mm, respectively. However, ASCS resulted in a significant increase in fuel efficiency, with an 11.2% reduction in consumption. When compared to the TDCS, it consumed 4 to 14% less fuel during ploughing operations. Field capacity was increased by 3.4–14.5% due to ASCS and ADCS. The measuring efficiency of the devised system was determined to be greater than 99%.


Electro hydraulic, Field efficiency, Microcontroller, Slip control systems

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